$10 Bluetooth Earbuds, Rock Band 4 Band Kit for $99, And More [US]


How often do you see a pair of 4-star rated Bluetooth earbuds on sale for $ 10? The answer is just about never, but that’s just what you can get right now! Headphone Deals AUKEY Bluetooth Headphones ($ 9.99, 66% Off w/ Coupon Code AUBLUE09) AUKEY Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Sport Earbuds with Built-in Remote & Mic for iPhone Android Smartphones – Green BPrice: $ 21.99 Buy Now at Amazon.com When I found this deal, I instantly purchased a pair for myself. For the same price as you’d expect to pay for a pair of wired earbuds, you can get these Bluetooth ones. Make sure to use coupon code AUBLUE09 at checkout, or you won’t get the crazy…

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