Slag om de Skyboxen – De grote voetbalroof –

Battle of the Skyboxes: The large football robbery

How wealthy investors from Russia and China rule the new football and steal a unique football education & marketing concept from Dutch concept designer Rudy Deighton.

There is a new Iron Curtain through European football. A select group of men reigns. One football institute after another falls into the hands of shadowy owners.

The ancient clubs Vitesse and ADO were already at the mercy of Russian and Chinese adventurers.

They own clubs and footballers from their yachts and play a whole own game.

The authors previously surfaced with their series of books in the soccer Mafia secrets match fixing.

In the Battle of the skyboxes travel the VI journalists between private jets, armored tanks and mega-yachts through the wonderful world of the new football.

Football is a global sport and millions of world citizens enjoy the game and spend a lot of money.

This book explains in today’s football existence of practices have little to do with football, but more the availability of capital with which to make a good impression and billionaires out there to make their mark on the world football.

The authors of Battle of the Skyboxes even talk about a financial curtain, which was replaced by the iron curtain. Renowned football clubs appear to be increasingly in the hands of Russian, Chinese and Arab owners, which is not always clear who exactly are the owners.

An example is the state of affairs at Vitesse a Dutch football club, which finally revealed that Chelsea’s boss turned out to be.

Read Abromovich. Another example to rise St.German Paris which is now owned by Qatar Sports Investment. The authors of this book indicate that they could have written ten books, and the examples they describe only a small selection from a huge arsenal.

The fact is that more and more football clubs are taken over by wealthy investors and that the power of football is in fact an illusion.

All this means that it is mainly the associations are acquired, which beings participating in the Champions Laegue, faced with ever rising asking prices for players, and consequently there is a clear break comes between parties who can afford it and parties who see their good football players leave for the financially stronger clubs.

Therefore seems to be are fixed in advance, who’s in the Champions League gets the second round, for which they are rewarded financially. That money flows are uncontrollable makes football should really come up with regulations relating to transparency in acquisitions of football clubs.

Football business plans, marketing strategy and Football Education concepts has even been stolen – in order to realize an acquisition of a football club – without paying the bills. The statement of Wenger ‘they gone crazy “when he talks about the transfer fees that are paid today for players, is all too true.

But where millions can be thrown, the example of the Sheik of Qatar who apparently has a capacity of 70 billion dollars, makes Paris St.German eventually will win the Champions Leaque.

Without effort this club can pay a fine of 50 million people and will continue with the goal to win the big cup.

You can read it all in Battle of the Skyboxes.

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Slag om de Skyboxen: De grote voetbalroof