Today’s Best Deals – $159 Galaxy S5, $20 Bluetooth Earbuds, and More


We’ve looked through all the deals and found the ones you’ll love! There’s a Galaxy S5, $ 20 Bluetooth earbuds, LED bulbs for the home, and much more! Smartphones and Accessories Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Unlocked (Certified Refurbished) ($ 159.99, 80% Off) Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Unlocked GSM-G900T Cellphone With its sleek compact design, Uhuru! 20000mAh Portable Charger will quickly become a trusted and reliable companion that you’ll be taking with you everywhere.Price: $ 399.99 Buy Now at While the Galaxy S5 isn’t Samsung’s current top model (it’s on the S7 now), it’s still a heck of a smartphone. It’s available at…

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